Lost Angel's Poetry


Final Cry - Anthology of the Frail Figure and her Shadow

Sweet Surrender!
As tears flow no more
Cherishing sweet dances
Of fantastic understanding of love gained...
And lost!
Sinking deep into---
An abyssmal fortress of distress
Running hopelessly far from the dungeon
Where fire breaks and snakes dance
As the shadow came unto an over powering light
Disappearing in a brightness
Whispered by voices of his own darkness
The Frail figure gone to a journey
Far more treacherous than pilgrims take
With closed eyes
To the betrayal that lies ahead...

(written some 6 years ago)

Existance is Mine

You could own my body
...my mind...my heart
You can even claim my soul, for all I care.
But there is one thing that is mine!
....and mine alone

The essence of my being
...my Ego -the motor which runs each part of me
...my Threshold of Pain -that makes me endure
...my Capacity to Stand-Up after each down fall
...the Blood that flows in my veins
...the Hope that Sunrise offers
...the Respect I owe myself
This I have and it's my Life.
And no one can take it away---
...Not even YOU - the person I dared share it with.....

My sole existance in MINE
and God's.........

(written some 4 years ago)

Ante-thesis to Final Cry- Anthology of the Frail Figure and her Shadow

She wants to hear the Shadow
Pleading but deaf to any sound
Yet music plays...
Strumming from afar but no creature is found
White dress soiled with blood and mud
As she screams a proclamation
Rather unheard by her brethren
'No more'... she says 'No more'
"This is my last and final cry!"
For my soul has suffered dread
Bitten by snakes
Overpowered by a strong Shadow...
Thrown into a blood flooded dungeon
Of sin and lust!
"This is my final cry"
And she says this to the creatures...
Of darkness and light
"My final cry"
As she whispered tirelessly jerky screech...

(written some 5 years ago)

There is only one thing I am sure of

to my husband

When I first saw the glimmer in your eyes
I knew then, what I know now,
And there was only one thing I was sure of...
When you first planted that tender kiss onto my lips,
I felt then, what I feel now;
And there was only one thing I was sure of...
When we first venture the world of pure intimacy,
I was ecstatic then, as I am now;
And there was one thing I was sure of...
When I walked down the aisle to give you my life,
I felt so glorious, and indeed I was;
And there was one thing I was extremely sure of...
When we exchanged vows and proclaimed, "I do,"
I knew this was going to be an eternal love;
And there is only one thing I am still so sure of...
That in this world full of confusion and chaotic madness,
You are the one. . .the only one. . .
I am ever so willing to love and share the rest of my life with;
You are my light, my soul, the fountain of my glee. . .
And that I am certainly sure of!

(written some 7 years ago)

Love Song

Music floating in air
Caressing the ebony sky
With warm thoughts. . .
Destiny went running
Fulfilling sweet songs
Of a promise long whispered
By two lovers separated in time and space
Now, as the clock ticks
Sun shines in the dark alley of the east
Holding hands
Dreaming dreams together
Sinking in the ecstasies of emotions. . .

(written some 8 years ago)

A Jaguar's Song

Look up in the twilight sky,
Silence filled thee as I cry;
Awaits the rising of thy Sun,
Glorious Dawn to thee I run. . .

Oblivious of this long wait,
Pass the time as I bathe;
Will thy sweet, sweet thee ever come?
To rescue me from thy tomb. . .

Play thee music to mine ears,
Strum thy melody as it endears;
Cross the ocean and fly thy miles,
Be welcomed with mine passion and smiles.

(written some 9 years ago)